It\'s time to talk Autumn: trends for the season ahead

3rd October 2017

If you are set to get wed this autumn, you are probably already totally prepared and have all of your colours and themes completely organised. However, if you are recently engaged with a mind to setting the date for the autumn months, then this insight into the trends of the season, may be just what you need to get the creative juices flowing.

Frosted pastels and metallic

Leading the way in the colour scheme stakes for autumn are plum and burgundy with frosted pastels and other neutrals as your contrasting accents. Metallic pallets are still huge for weddings this year and into next season, their reflective, brightening qualities being the perfect complement to a deeper selection of colours. Copper is undeniably still the popular choice for autumn weddings and can be carried through to table settings, wedding invitations and even feature in bridal make-up.

Wedding cakes that are as easy as pie

Forget the wedding cake topper, forget even the naked cake, as the trend is all set for something even more minimal. Couples are opting for clean, textured looks when it comes to their wedding cake – fuss is most definitely out of the window now. The new translucent cake with its thin covering of icing and drizzles of colour has also had a size reduction to its more elaborate cousin. Smaller is seemingly better, with an additional treat / dessert to give out to guests…and what treat could that possibly be we hear you cry?! Well…pie of course! Seasonal and universally enjoyed, the pie is the newest craze that we are completely expecting to see on the request list at Tern Hill Hall next year.

Berry nice

Wild-looking and rustic are the key points when it comes to autumn wedding flowers. Green and leafy, even large and ‘branchy’(!) are set to be popular for table displays with the colour pops coming from berries and even fruit (think raspberries and blackberries). Ivy is still popular for bouquets but with more unexpected additions – think thistles and twigs – to make the most of the spirit of autumn.

Able to create your perfect autumn wedding with you, our wedding planners are the best in the business. If you are thinking of Tern Hill Hall as the place to celebrate your wedding, then a complimentary creative session is all part of the package. Contact us here, for further information.

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It\'s time to talk Autumn: trends for the season ahead