January 2019 To Save or to Splurge, that is the question

29th January 2019


January 2019

To Save or to Splurge, that is the question


After the excitement of your engagement comes the time when you sit down as a couple and put pen to paper writing guest lists and wish lists from all the pinning and saving you’ve been doing.  Then comes the reality of your budget. So here we look at where you can save some pennies planning your day and what you might want to think about spending a little more on or at least giving more careful thought to.

We believe that there are three elements of a wedding that can leave a great lasting impression on your guests; Food, drink and entertainment.



If your budget allows it is worth considering offering your guests canapes when they arrive at your venue. They are a very welcome treat for guests, especially those that may have missed breakfast or lunch travelling for your wedding. They also whet their appetite for the main event of the wedding breakfast.



In the same vain as with food, it is unlikely any guest will turn down a nice glass of chilled Prosecco or a summery Pimms when they arrive. You could offer a ‘Pimp your Prosecco’ station so that they can customise their own drink. Just don’t forget to offer a non alcoholic alternative and maybe something fun like cookies and milk for little guests.



Whether you opt for a pianist playing in the background during your drinks reception or a pop up photo booth for your guests to create hilarious memories be sure of one thing- entertainment is important. We’re not just talking about musical entertainment here. This extends to anything that actively enhances the guest experience such as garden games set up on the lawn, casino tables or an ice cream cart as a few examples. These can really set a fun tone and atmosphere to the day, give your photographer great photo opportunities and shouldn’t be overlooked.


Where to Save

There are some really simple ways for you to save money when planning the biggest day of your life.



Flowers can really transform a table setting and room set up but they can also be very expensive. We suggest you speak to your florist about seasonal flowers as these will be more readily available and the cost will be significantly lower than if you choose particular flowers that are out of season at the time of your wedding. You could also incorporate more green foliage in your arrangements which is not only on trend right now but is also much more purse friendly option than blousy flowers.



Save the date cards and invitations are usually towards the top of your to-do list once you have your venue and ceremony booked and it is also an area that you can overspend on unnecessarily. If your budget is looking a little tight then have a look at the range of websites offering personalised printed wedding stationary where there are hundreds of designs to choose from that you simply edit and order to be delivered to your front door.



Venue dressers are experts at what they do and the sky is really the limit when you start looking at the decorative possibilities that there is on offer. There are things that you can arrange yourself that are more cost effective, such as tea light holders, sweet stations and name cards and remember that you can always sell the items afterwards on an online auction site to recoup some of the spend.


However you choose to spend your wedding budget, consider the things that are really important to you as a couple and don’t forget to enjoy the planning process- it is all part of the fun but can easily turn into a stressful time if you let it.




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January 2019 To Save or to Splurge, that is the question