Looking after your smallest Wedding guests...

11th July 2017

 Having kids at a wedding can be a challenge. Whether you are a bride or groom trying to plan an event that keeps everyone happy no matter what their age, or a parent trying to juggle the demands of a little one whilst trying to enjoy the day, there’s no escaping the fact that child guests do present an additional layer of consideration.

So, to help you to keep the little ones happy, we have pulled together a few of the top ideas that we have been seeing at Tern Hill Hall this wedding season:

1.       Hiring a children’s entertainer to keep the kids amused

There is nothing worse than a long day filled with boring speeches and photography – if you are a child that it! So, to help keep harmony on the day, we have seen a rise in children’s entertainers being hired to keep the children occupied. Fun and particularly handy, particularly when it comes to the speeches, keeping the kids amused (and quiet) during those special moments, entertainers can be worth their weight in gold.

2.       Keeping them busy at the table

A few of our brides and grooms this year have gone all-out for child friendly activities at the table. Just as you would receive a pack of crayons and a colouring book at a child-friendly restaurant, we have seen all sorts of personalised colouring books, place-mat activity sheets designed to fit the theme of the wedding. Supplied together with packs of pencils and crayons, these little activity packs have been a life-saver for mums and dads hoping to relax and enjoy their meal.

3.       Wedding favours with children in mind

It’s a wedding so let’s eat sweets! Sweetie trollies or pick n’ mix type scenarios are becoming a popular way to give the kids (and the adults) something extra special to enjoy. Replacing traditional table favours, guests can grab a little paper bag and help themselves to their favourite treats.

4.       Kids menu

It doesn’t matter that you are at a special event, the fact is that unless your child eats their greens at home, then they are unlikely to relish the idea of eating them with all their friends and family around at a wedding! Rather than waste money (and have hungry children), why not put together a menu of food that your younger guests will really enjoy. Putting a few kiddy favourites down there will ensure that tummies get filled without any drama.

5.       Chill-out area

A wedding is a long day for the adults, never mind the children, so one great idea that we have seen is to fill a corner with cushions, beanbags and a pile of books, to give child guests the option to go to a quiet corner - whilst still under the watchful eye of mum and dad -  when it all gets too much.

We can help you with any ideas that you have around keeping children entertained and looked after at your wedding. Let us know what you have in mind when you come to see us for your first planning session.


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Looking after your smallest Wedding guests...