So, the question has been what\'s next?

23rd March 2017

The question was popped and the answer was yes, so what exactly happens next?!

We all know that getting married is a HUGE thing and as wedding co-ordinators, we are often approached by couples desperately wanting help on what can often be a very daunting task. What do we need to be doing now? When do we need to do this by? How do we do this? Are all common questions to the team at Tern Hill Hall.

Nobody wants a new engagement to be clouded by worries over organisation, so now that that ring is on the finger, we have come up with a simple 5 step -plan to get you and your partner through to the stage where you are ready to sit and talk ‘wedding’ with your wedding co-ordination team.

1.       You got engaged – time to tell the world!

Most people prefer to tell parents first about the exciting news, so they are usually the very first people to pick up the phone to. After that, the methods for telling other family and friends are numerous. Last year we saw a surge in celebs announcing their engagements in the national press – a classic and very romantic way of doing things – whilst others will turn straight to social media to let everyone know that a party is in the planning. However you decide to do it, be sure to keep it simple to keep the stress levels down. In our experience, once your closest circle knows…it’s only a matter of time until the word spreads!

2.       Ideas, ideas, ideas…

Time to sit down with your fiancé and talk ideas. What style do you prefer, what location would you love and how formal do you want to make it? Grab inspiration from resources such as Pintrest, wedding magazines and via wedding blogs to create something that is unique to the two of you.

3.       Think about the timing and size

There’s no pressure to set a firm date right now but it is a good idea to think about what season you would like your wedding in. Getting this agreed will help massively with your planning. You also need to be thinking about the size of your wedding – so although you don’t want to stressing out both sides of the family by pulling together final guest lists at this early point, you do need to have a rough idea as to how many people you would like to share your special day with you.

4.       Talk money

Of course, your budget will have a big effect on the size of your wedding, the location, the date…everything, so you need to be deciding on your bottom line. If your families are planning on contributing, or you are doing this from your own pockets, define the budget and plan accordingly.

5.       Get organised  

Go and get yourself a brand new shiny notebook and separate this into sections for each budget category: Invitations, wedding dress, bar, venue etc. This way you can write down the amount you want to spend and then note your expenditures. As you near your limits, you can figure out ways to cut costs.

Now bring all of this to Tern Hill Hall and let us transform it from the dream and into the reality!

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So, the question has been what\'s next?