The simplicity of snowdrops for Spring weddings

13th January 2018

 A trend that is growing in popularity for spring time nuptials, is the snowdrop themed wedding.  This delicate but hardy little flower is fast becoming a favourite with brides across the UK.  If you are getting married this Spring and are still stuck for a theme, then this might just be for you.


A bouquet such as Kate Middleton’s which included Lily of the Valley, myrtle, and hyacinths adds a touch of understated glamour but still oozes classic simplicity.


If you are getting married at Tern Hill Hall in the next few months, maybe a snowdrop themed wedding cake would also complete the picture.  Three-tier ivory based cakes are very much in trend, and either fresh flowers, or those cleverly sugar crafted creations would make a fine adornment.


If you are thinking of going completely spring flower themed, maybe add a few hyacinths into the mix, apart from coming in some stunning pastel colours, the smell from these beauties is quite amazing.  Crocus and daffodils could also add a splash of vibrancy to your bouquet and flower arrangements for your tables.


Not everyone decides to get married in the summer time, and spring or winter weddings can be just as magical. 


A chat with your florist and the person who is making your cake will confirm just how stunning a snowdrop themed wedding can be; the beauty is in its simplicity.



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The simplicity of snowdrops for Spring weddings