Top Tips for Wedding Fair Success

11th September 2017

Now that you are engaged, you may be thinking of getting your inspiration from a Wedding Expo or two. With our very own Wedding Fair prepared for 24th September, 11am – 3pm (please come along, its free and we promise that you will love it!) and as seasoned Expo attendees ourselves, we thought we would give you a few tips and tricks to help you to get the best out of the event and to help you to keep your focus; totally essential when it comes to ‘Mission Wedding’!

Tip 1: Team Work

Usually attracting lots of people, Wedding Fairs are always littered with suppliers and people wanting to talk to them. Wading through all the information that you are given can be a mammoth job, so one piece of advice would be to take a few of your nearest and dearest with you. Splitting up to cover the event, your team can find, chat and sift through the suppliers on your behalf, finding all the best ideas from suppliers that are most relevant to your wedding. Using the recommendations from your crew, you can then spend your time chatting with the suppliers that are offering the kind of thing that you are looking for.

Tip 2: Stickers

It is highly likely that each supplier you speak to at a Wedding Fair / Expo, will want to take from you your name, the date of your wedding and your email address / telephone number. To save time and effort, one good idea that we have seen in the past, is to get prepared and print out these details onto a sheet of stickers! This way, you can simple give everyone a sticker – and easily enter all of those wedding competitions and prize draws that usually run at events like this.

Tip 3: Wedding Email

There is one thing that is certain after you have visited a Wedding Expo and that is that you will get quite a few emails through in the days afterwards, from the suppliers that you spoke to. To avoid getting your work / home email inundated with everything Wedding, a good tip is to set up an email address specifically for your wedding planning. This way, everything will be all in one place. Then when you feel in the planning mood, you can simply login and everything you need is right there.

Tip 4: It’s in the bag

Giving out lots of gorgeous freebies, samples and leaflets is part of the course at any Wedding Expo, so be sure to take a bag to collect it all in. You may be lucky and get given a goodie-bag at the door, but just in case, get a fold-away bag in your handbag ready to whip out should you need it.

Tip 5: Take some notes

It sounds very old school, but we do advise you to pack a notepad and pen when you are getting ready to attend a Wedding Fair. Meeting so many new people and seeing so many new ideas, you are bound to forget something, so Jot it all down, then when you get home, you can process it all at your leisure.



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Top Tips for Wedding Fair Success